• Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight


At Technext Technosoft Silverlight software Development Company, our developers are trained and experienced in Microsoft Silverlight for both Chrome and Mac. So whether you want standard media integration or a more customized solution, our team will combine Silverlight with WPF and HTML elements to give you the web pages you want.

We have a global client base ranging from USA to Singapore and more. Also no matter your business size- small, medium, or large, we are ready to cater to your diverse project sizes.


Silverlight Experience

At our Silverlight software development company, we create the web pages you want using WPF and HTML elements with Silverlight.Also, our designers can create reusable XAML code using Microsoft Expression Blend 3.0 for Silverlight and WPF Application.


Our Silverlight developers make use of ASP.NET to deliver next-gen apps with versatile UI. You can rest assured that we will take utmost care to ensure that the application gets made according to your instructions and requirements.

Cross-Platform RIAs

Our web development service developers can create cross-browser and cross-platform RIAs with Microsoft Silverlight, .NET languages (C# or VB.NET), and Java Script. Along with this, we also integrate Bing maps and develop Splash screen in Silverlight.

Versatile UI

Our Silverlight developers can deliver applications that have engaging and rich UI. We also add high-quality graphics, animation, audio, video, and more as per your instructions. So you can rest assured that your site will look unique and attractive as a result of it.

All-Platform Compatibility

Our Silverlight application development company creates applications that will run on all sorts of platforms and devices. Whether it is Microsoft Windows, Android, Linux, iOS, etc., the app will run smoothly on all.

Migration And Integration

At Technext Technosoft Silverlight application Development Company, we can migrate and integrate your application with an existing ASP.NET web application.

Why Our Company Stands Out From Others

Years of Experience

Our Silverlight team is knowledgeable, talented, and they can develop any application you want. We have years of experience in completing various kinds of projects. So our developers will be able to deliver the software solutions you require without any hassle or problems.

Smooth Operation

Our Silverlight application development company creates applications that can run on all sorts of mobile devices and operating systems.

We Offer Launch Ready Solutions

We will deliver the project after thoroughly testing it and ensuring that it is launch-ready. So we will make sure that there are no bugs, lags, or problems when operating the software.

We Cater To All

Whether you are a small business or a big organization; whether you want a commercial application or one for in-house use, know that we can create it all. After all, we offer customized software solutions for all.

Affordable Solutions

Our developers have years of experience delivering a multitude of high-quality projects by harnessing the features of Silverlight. Now you can get the same results by availing our in-house talent, technology, and tools at cost-effective rates.

Timely Delivery

Our Silverlight software development company has a global reputation for delivering launch-ready projects. So you can count on us to get your perfect application well within the due date.

At Technext Technosoft, we offer customized solutions for all of your Silverlight needs. We are always ready to collaborate, accept suggestions as well as offer advice as per your instructions. So don't hesitate, contact us 24/7 for any of your software needs.