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Windows Phone


At Technext Technosoft, our team of professional windows app developers in Durgapur will provide you with the unique, scalable, and customized windows app solutions you need. We can develop all kinds of windows mobile applications under major Windows mobile platforms.

Whether it is a startup or a large business, we develop customized windows applications for all. Our trained developers will seamlessly customize the application by integrating the needed features.


Customized Windows Application Development

At our mobile app development company we will create apps that are end-to-end customized according to your business requirements.

Experience Using Mobile Platforms

Rest assured that our professional developers are trained in Windows mobile platforms like Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows Mobile 2003/SE, Windows CE, Windows Mobile 6, Pocket PC 2002, 2003, and Windows Mobile 6.1.

Rich UX/UI Design

Our mobile application development company has experienced developers who will ensure that your application has a rich UI. This means that it will be user-friendly as well as fully optimized to ensure that users get a rich experience.

Migrating Windows Apps

Note that our windows app developers in Durgapur can port or migrate windows mobile applications to other kinds of mobile platforms.

Security and Safety

Our Windows app development company in Durgapur creates apps that are secure and safe for use. So you can rest assured that there won't be any malware infiltration or unauthorized entry in it.

Windows Consultation

You can rest assured that our windows app consultation team will help you strategize the features that will optimize your application in the long run. We will do this by keeping your business interests in mind.

Affordable Solutions

Our Windows app development company in Durgapur offers windows app solutions at affordable rates.

Windows Maintenance and Optimization

Know that our Windows app maintenance team will monitor your application so as to ensure that it remains updated with all the latest features. We will also ensure that there's no malware in your app and that your application continues performing at a fast rate and that it remains fully optimized.

360-Degree Testing

Our developers will ensure that your app is ready for launch by fully testing it and ensuring that there aren't any bugs. We will also check and make sure that the application isn't lagging. So we will conduct a full 360-degree check on the application.


Contact Synchronization

We will synchronize your Outlook contacts as well as your bookmarks.

Paging Mechanisms Based On Performance

Our professional developers will engage in performance-based complete paging mechanisms for handling large data loads from the server to PDA.

App Fit

We offer design mechanisms that will ensure that the app screen fits properly on different kinds of devices.

Notification Mechanism

Our Windows app development company in Durgapur will include a notification feature for sending information right from the server application.

Full Customization

We can customize the app features according to your wants. So your app will have an attractive and unique user interface.

Integrate GPS

Our designers and developers can integrate GPS in your application if you do require it.

Sliding Screen Animation

Our windows app developers in Durgapur can also insert sliding screen animation in your application.

Camera Capture Feature

Our Windows mobile application designers will integrate camera capturing features in your apps as well. Along with this, we will also ensure that you can upload video/audio to your application.

Are you unsure about the kind of app your business will need? Do you want to know what features will suit your Windows application best? Know that there is no need to stress over these issues. We will aid you from the conception of your app till it is at the launch-ready stage. Our developers will work tirelessly till you have the end application you want. So if you want to create the ideal app for your business then just give us a call.