Android Application Development


At our android app development company in Durgapur, we will develop scalable, flexible, and customized android applications according to your business needs. We will build, design, launch, test, and maintain your android application too. So our developers will provide end-to-end solutions for your app. We provide android solutions to all kinds of businesses ranging from startups to large corporations.

Our android application developers and designers continuously update their knowledge and keep themselves informed about the current technology. As such, your android application will contain the very best elements that technology can offer.


Optimum Performance

Our professional developers will create customized android apps with memory and data management.

High Security

The apps created by our mobile app development company have air-tight security measures. So they are secure and protected from malware and any nefarious attempts to gain access to it.

360-Degree Android Solutions

Our android app developers in Durgapur can carry out android app porting, tablet app development, android web-page application creation, and native android app creation.

Support And Maintenance

We provide end-to-end maintenance and support services to backup your android application.

Android App Testing

Our testers will test the customized android application to ensure that it maintains its high-performance, reliability, and high-quality.

Android App Consultation

Our android application creation team will help your business form a successful strategy so that your mobile business will continue growing online.

Android UI/UX Design

At our company we will develop customized android applications as per your requirements. Know that our experienced developers will add-in interactive and intuitive UI to attract users.

Quick Turn-Around Time

Our experienced android app development team offers quick turnaround time on any project while ensuring the utmost quality.


Multi-touch Gestures

Our android app developers in Durgapur will add multi-touch gestures in your native applications.

Web Server Interaction

We will ensure that your android application can carry out web server interaction.

API Integration

Our trained developers will integrate APIs for services like Google Maps.

Generalized Widgets

We will create customized desktop-based solutions and generalized widgets.

Unique UI

Our developers will ensure that your customized application has an attractive and unique UI.

Audio/Video Facilities

Using the Media framework, our android app development company in Durgapur will ensure that your application has audio/video capabilities.

Server Response

By making use of SOAP, JSON, Fiddler, Karate, XML parser, our android application development company will render a server response.

Social Media Links

We will add social networking links and add-ons to your application. This will allow others to share its contents on social media platforms.

Client-side Functionality

We offer interactive client-side functionality using REST Web Services.

If you are typing into your Google search bar- An android app development company near me in Durgapur, then you will notice that we are one of the top companies that will pop up in the results. So at Technext Technosoft are here to help you create the app you want. Contact us to know more about our services.