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August 24, 2023

Web design vs. Web development: Which matters the most?

Nowadays, we hear the phrases web design and web development used interchangeably by software companies, clients, and others. This is because somewhere down the line, these two phrases came to mean the same thing. But have you ever wondered if these two things actually mean the same thing?

If you have, then here’s a secret- know that they don’t mean the same thing. So a company providing web design services in Durgapur or elsewhere technically offers a different service than one offering Want to know how?

Web Design vs Web Development: The Difference

Here we will discuss the major differences between web design and web development.

  • Meaning

As you might have guessed from the names of the phrases themselves- web design refers to the usability as well as the aesthetic part of the website. So a company providing or elsewhere has designers using programs like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, etc., for developing the visual elements and the layout of the site.

Now, the developers of a company offering web development services in Durgapurcreate a fully functional website from the website design. To accomplish this, developers use CSS, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and other types of programming languages.

  • The Roles

A web designer has varied roles. However, his main function is to create the visual aspects and elements of the website. So the designer has to make the website aesthetically pleasing as well as user-friendly so that visitors can be encouraged to stay for a long time. As such, along with the layout structure and general framework, this means constructing the conversion-generating elements as well. Also, note that it’s the job of a designer in a company offering or elsewhere, to optimize the site across all devices.

To ensure that they create unique and modern designs for each client, web designers have to keep themselves updated on the current design trends regarding color palettes, brand imagery, fonts, etc. Along with this, they also have to adhere to the best practices and topmost standards.

Now let us come to the web developer. His main job is to develop and maintain the main structure of the site. This technical work is accomplished using complex programming languages and advanced coding. So in a way, the developers use the concepts, designs, and ideas created by the web designers to turn the websites into fully functioning platforms.

To create a functional site, the developer configures the back-end databases, and server, and completes coding while also incorporating client-facing functionality and features. Know that it is also the programmer of the company offering who tests the site before launch and provides solutions to the hosting issues.

  • The Types

There are mainly three types of web developers, front-end, back-end, and full-stack. As for web designers, there are mainly three types as well- UX designer, UI designer, and visual designer.

Web Design vs Web Development: Which Is More Important?

As you might have concluded after reading this article- both web designers and web developers are equally important. After all, without attractive visual elements, users won’t surf the site, and without full functionality, the website is of no use to the client.

Also, the jobs of a web designer and developer often overlap as well. Know that in many companies, web developers complete the job of a web designer by creating the visual profile of the site. On the other hand, web designers are also involved in providing post-launch services like giving updates, monitoring and maintaining the site, carrying out performance checks, etc.

Also, note that web designers are always cautious about the design used since that can end up affecting the coding part of the site as well. So due to this overlapping nature, the two phrases are now used interchangeably. But you can rest assured that a company that offers web development services also offers web designing services and vice-versa.

Web designing and web development are two sides of the same coin or two halves of the same whole. One without the other would serve no purpose. But when both come together, a fully functional, optimized, and visually attractive website is formed. So one is not more important than the other. Instead, both are equally necessary and important.


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