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Web Services


At Technext Technosoft web development company in Durgapur, our developers will build you a scalable, flexible, and fully customized website. We will create a flexible and optimized site by using the latest tools available.

We have developed web applications for a satisfied global clientele ranging from the US to Dubai. So whether you are a startup, medium-sized business, or a large enterprise, we provide affordable website solutions to all.


Customized Website Designing

Our website designing company in Durgapur we have skilled and experienced developers to deliver the customized website you want without compromising its quality. We will also ensure that it has a rich UI and user-friendly interface as well. You can rest assured that our developers will create every aspect of it from scratch, ranging from the background to its logo.

Web Development

Our professional web developers in Durgapur will create a flexible, scalable, and customized site as per your business interests and future roadmap. We use technologies like ASP, MySQL, PHP, Dot NET; and tools like Adobe Dreamweaver, Quill, Flutter, and Froala Editor to construct the perfect site as per your requirements.

Our web development agency in Durgapur can create eCommerce portals, CMS sites, social networking sites, complex internet apps, and more. So whatever your needs and demands, we are well-equipped and experienced to complete it.

Web Maintenance and Enhancement

Our web development company in Durgapur will monitor your site and maintain it by carrying out software up-gradations. We will ensure that its database server, security systems, payment gateways, web server, and more are optimized. Also, our maintenance team will ensure that your site never experiences any downtime during peak hours.

Organic SEO

Our SEO team will aid your business growth by making your site SEO optimized. To accomplish this, we won't spam keywords haphazardly all over your site. Instead, we will use tested SEO methods for organically pushing your site up the ranks.

Keyword Research

At Technext Technosoft web development company in Durgapur, we use intuitive research to find out the relevant keywords. We do this by putting ourselves in the shoes of your customer. Then we will try to determine what phrases they will be typing in the search-bar to look for the services or products offered by you. This will lead to better ranks, more traffic, and more business.

Link Building

Our trained web service and SEO team will ensure that your links get embedded only in high-quality and respected blogs or sites. At our web development company in Durgapur, we will also make sure that those sites and blogs are relevant to your business. This will ensure that you can get actual customers and not just a high site traffic boost.

PPC Management

At Technext Technosoft web development company in Durgapur, we will help you with PPC Management. In this method, we will maintain and monitor the ads displayed. As a result, you will be able to maximize your revenue through this mode.

Our PPC management team will ensure that the advertisements shown are related to the services or products offered on your site. We will also test campaign components, edit the ad copy, change the bid prices, and expand the keywords to ensure that your business gets the best chance to grow.

Google Analytics

At Technext Technosoft web development company in Durgapur, we offer Google Analytic analysis as part of our web services. Our analytics team will find your poor-ranking pages and retool them with the help of organic SEO tactics.

We will also analyze your visitor segmentation so that you can take related action. Along with this, we also offer eCommerce tracking, goals tracking, site search, ad-word connection, and way more analysis features.

Social-Media Marketing

Our social media marketers will create social-media-driven marketing campaigns to draw the attention of ordinary people who might not have heard about you. They will use hash tags, motion-posters, and other effective social media campaigns to ensure high user interaction.

Our team will weaponize various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more to spread the news about your site and services. This will allow you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Ecommerce Hosting

At Technext Technosoft web development company in Durgapur, we offer E-commerce hosting services. For this, we will insert a shopping cart, carry out SSL payment services, set up security barriers, and add other e-commerce features. So you will be able to manage your website by adding new products, deleting old ones, updating your product base, etc., as per your needs.

Windows Hosting

Our web development company's experienced web developers in Durgapur will use the best tools and programs to give you the end product you require. We will also help maintain your site by providing a wide range of Windows backup and support services.

Linux Hosting

At Technext Technosoft, we offer fast and affordable Linux hosting plans. You will get feature-packed hosting packages that will make it easy to add domains, create websites, and manage your account. Also, our website hosting plans support PHP/MySQL and Python database combination, phpMyAdmin with CGI, etc.

Shared Hosting

At our web development agency in Durgapur, we offer the fastest servers for your use. We also provide reliable resource allocation and flexible scaling plans. So you can upsize or downsize server resources as per your business needs.

Domain Registration

Among the web development services in Durgapur, we offer domain name registration as well. We offer these services at low costs and with high-security facilities. So once you register your name, you can rest assured that you won't face any more issues pertaining to it.

Technical Support

Along with the above web services, we offer 24/7 technical support, large disk-space, uptime guarantee, and fast bandwidth. Rest assured our technical support team will monitor and upgrade your site periodically. Also, we will provide periodic reports to you so that you remain updated about everything.

At Technext Technosoft, we offer a host of web services customized to your requirements. We are a one-stop solution for all of your website needs. So don't hesitate, contact us now to know more.